Method of Offering Eid Prayer

Eid is a most beautiful and precious day of Muslim. There are two Eid’s in Islam. One is Eidul Fitar and the Second one is Eidul Adha. Almighty Allah made this universe for their people. Then they born Humans and Devils to praise to God. He sent on us plenty of Prophets, who gave us a lesson of a right path. A good and right way where everyone can get victory. After all he gave us a gift of Ramadan. This is a most holly month in the year. Muslim spent whole day with fast from dawn to sunset. At the time of Iftar they eat honorably, food and offer prayers to Allah to forgive him/her sins and to award him/her Jannat. After this holy month their come an Eid, which is a day of happiness. After Namaz e Fajar, they get together in the huge ground or central Jamia Masjid for prayer. You can see below a complete method of Offering Eid is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get know of it.


namaz e eid

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