Many Important Tips For Pimples and Acne In Urdu

Pimples and acne is a big issue for girls and boys. Mostly these appear on face in early age. This irritating period is sometimes prolonged on oily skin. Many creams are available in market for this problem and medical treatment is also there for it. If you follow some simple tips you can save yourself from this problem. There are some useful guidelines for removing pimples. A very easy method for house made lotion is also provided here. Mix olive liquid with vinegar and sesame seeds in a cup. Add iodine and launder one spoon. Include lemon juice and sun flower also in it. The lotion is ready for your facial care. This is being used in many countries. It works like green tea and provides you comfort. Girls should avoid from cold creams to become pretty. It is a better cure for male and females. The preparation method is very simple and one can prepare it at home. As the beauty is judged from the face so it should look charming and attractive. Quality material should be applied on body otherwise the harmful results are expected. It can also be utilized when you feel warmed from sun shine. It can be used for massage also. All the instructions are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Sesame Oil And Vinegar Useful For Skin Care

Skin Care tips in urdu


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