Manicures Hands And Nails Care Tips In Urdu

Urdu Beauty Tips For Soft Hands And Beautiful Nails

Through Manicure you can make your hands and figures beautiful and soft. Beauticians suggest that weekly manicures is very good for females. Take liquid in a jug and add lemon in it. Arrange for cuticle, pusher, nail file, orange stick, cutter, lotion, remover, cotton and towel. 1st remove the already pasted one, to change the shape in to better. Now dip the palms in water and clean them properly. Scratch the lemon on the nails and it will also give them shine. Lotion can be prepared at home, by glycerin and rose water. Mix these 3 ingredients to get the desired results. Try to do one thing sure that always remove the old polish 1st. This act will ultimately make your palms more attractive. This should be done with care to get the required results. The guidelines are very simple and easily understandable. One can get the required assistance by reading this article. One feels much better by Females normally prefer to go to salons but this method will ensure the independence in such solutions. It is very cheap also. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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