London Olympics 2012 Logo World Record In Urdu

Largest Human Logo News In Urdu

Sports are one of the necessary pillars of any country. These are a source of revenue as well as recognition for the country on the foreign lands. Many types of games are organized by the countries and hosts keep on changing. The biggest sports events are hosted by different countries interchangeably. Teams prepare themselves whole year for participation in these events. Crowd is found to be on toes to watch these activities live. They join with full of zeal. Round about two thousand and twelve students in London made the record of world’s largest logo in Olympics 2012. They wore the white T shirt to execute this big plan. The students took their positions in such a way that it became the shape of the event name and Guinness Book of World Records include it as a world record. They have confirmed that achievement has been made. Now it has become a trend to update the records intentionally by gathering such a huge number of people. They feel pride in doing so as they are part of representation. The image of the activity is also provided here for your knowledge. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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