Latest Water Proof Xperia Z Mobile For 2013

New Invention Of Sony By Germany

Mobile phone is a necessity of life for everyone. These are available in different colors and models in market. Different companies launch modern models every coming day. These are fully equipped with latest updates and technological facilities. There is a new model names as Xperia Z which is made by Sony Company of Japan. It is water proof and latest featured set. It is a big challenge for other companies as like Apple I phone and Samsung because other expensive mobiles do not work when they drop in water. It has enhanced graphic features and 5 inch screen. This cell is available in the stores and you can purchase it. It has a chip which can be applied for watching TV also and it will be used as credit card in future. One cannot imagine that such an experience will be part of their lives. This will be the choice of everyone. It is a good news for those which use cells carelessly. Now it is the time for them to move on. The ports for handsets are also covered properly to avoid from any inconvenience. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Xperia Z

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