Latest Robotic Automatic Camera News In Urdu

                          Robotic Camera Photobot Information In Urdu

Technology is changing the trends of living. Every coming day something new is introduced in the market and we see that we get benefits from that at a large scale. It’s a trend that in ceremonies and other gatherings pictures are made with cameras and it is very irritating process. One person is dedicated for this work and he sacrifices all of his time and enjoyment in taking the snaps. But now the world has gone in to the new trends. A British artist has introduced the automated camera Photo-bot which has the technology of automatic revolving lens to grab the best moments around it. You just put it in a suitable place from where it covers the events. Moreover you can see photographs in the screen attached with it at the time of capturing.  It’s a good news for those people who like to catch their best and beautiful events in the form of pictures. This shows that how science and has improved our living. We cannot live without these innovations. These have provided us comfort in real sense. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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