Latest Research on Breast Cancer in Urdu

New York: After tea a mostly drink liquid is coffee. According to the scientists Caffeine in the coffee make human healthy and active but it has few quantity in the tea. It has been announced that if you drink daily 5 cup of joe a day then chances of breast cancers will be minimized a lot. According to report daily use of it makes women away from disease. You must be aware of it that every year 40,000 females died due to breast cancer. As per specialists that use of it gives almost 20 percent less growth of a gland in human body. A kind of infection which is not familiar to the world is Er Negative. As per experts, women who drinks less coffee may found more quantity of it with respect to others who consume every day its quantity. Complete report relative to this serious issue is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of this research.

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