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Madhuri is a superb actress. She is an accomplished dancer & a flawless performer. She has played almost every role during her career in the industry. She is a big threat for other item girls because news are there that she is going to make an item song with Ranbir Kapoor in film “ye jwani ha dewani “. This work will improve her fame further. She is already at the peak of her career. She was a lovely dancer in the early ages also and even in the forties she is ready to do the task. This particular performance will amaze the other heroin’s working over there. Indian picture industry is at peak now and it is full with the experienced actors and actresses. Bollywood films are liked throughout the world. People admire the different roles of the Bollywood stars. The reason for this success is the talent hunt programs and shows in the country. They conduct such events which bring the talented youngsters upfront. Hopefully you will also like it. Her fans are sitting on tows to watch it. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

News About Famous Indian Film star Madhuri Dixit  In Urdu

Filmstar Madhuri

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