Lana Turner Biography In Urdu

Lana Turner Life History In Urdu Written By Mehmood Modi

She was born on 8 February 1921. She was American beautiful actress. Her real name was Julia Jane Turner. Her parents were very poor and they were living in Idaho, then shifted to San Francisco. She join Hollywood in the age of sixteen years and worked in 56 movies. She died due to throat cancer she was also a smoker. Her father won a prize money and placed in his socks. He was murdered by the thieves in the way. She was living with her mother with the relatives. Once she went to buy a cold drink and a publisher found her so attractive. He introduced her to the colleagues. In 1937 she was given a chance in a picture “They wont forget”. Her acting was a master piece during 1930 and 1950. Her films include, Dramatic school, Dancing co-Ed, the three Musketeers and many more. She worked with Gabel and Richardson. Her love story with Gabel was also in the news those days. She was granted with many top movies not only due to her physical figures, but due to her incredible skills and acting. She worked in 59 movies in total. She was died due to heart attack. All the details about her life are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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