Kismat a Urdu Story for Kids

Destiny: A novel is written by Marium Sana, story related to the destiny of a child as Allah do whatever is only for the benefit of his people so we should have to thanks Allah in the every second of life. Story related to the child he wanted a flight for a job to Islamabad but due to traffic jam he reached late to the air port and missed it after that he was completely distorted as this flight was too much important for him. He was going on it for the purpose to support his household in the sense of financial help as he belong to the family which expenses are more than their budget. Ali belongs to middle class family and he passed his middle class paper. There was a firm in Islamabad which needed some honest person to manage works here. He was an elder brother of his household and he was willing to support them to meet daily expenses of house. A complete novel is written in Urdu below; you can read it and could know what happened to him after losing a plane.

urdu story on kismat

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