Keema Bharay Tamatar Recipe In Urdu

Urdu Recipes For Tomato And Keema

Mince Tomato is very useful for health and it is also a necessary ingredient of many dishes. This is much preferred these days. One can easily prepare it at home. It is used along with lunch and dinner. Young generation admire it and like to eat. Those who have tasted it, they are delighted.


Mince half and tomatoes half kg, one egg, ghee as per need, bread pieces a small quantity, 2 onions, garlic paste 4 spoons, spices, flour and pepper as needed, red pepper as per taste.


Pick out the inner material from tomato. Change the onion in to brown by heating up in ghee. Cook the mince properly and add rest of the items in it. Then cover their mouths properly with thread. Keep on proceeding and cook these items in the fry pan. The recipe is ready and you can serve it to the guests and to the family. Take proper care during the whole proceeding and follow the time properly. Don’t overlook the cooking process otherwise it will not be a tasty recipe. Hopefully you will like it and guide your friends about the procedure. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

keemay bharay tamatar


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