Katrina Kaif Rejected One Crore Deal For Shahrukh Khan

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Indian heroes and heroins are at the peak of their acting performances in Bollywood. Recently Katrina Kaif has rejected a huge offer of 1 crore for walking on a ramp for 10 minutes. It is a healthy amount but she did not care and the reason is very interesting. She is working on a new film with Shahrukh Khan that is the cause, she rejected this offering. These pictures generate a handsome revenue when these are released in the cinema houses. In return the producers grant the actors and other casts a big amount. This happens when a picture is successfully launched. Thus movie is also expected to be one of the best all the times. It is being said that it will break all the business records which were previously made. Audience are at their feet to watch this mind blowing work. Both the focal persons have a great charm in their personalities and their career is also full with successes. It is hoped that it is also one of those hit stories. Hopefully you will enjoy thus news and all the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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