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Today Daily Express Newspaper Column By Javed Chaudhry

Pal Schmitt was ex-president of Hungary. He did his Ph.D. from Semmelweis Univeristy in 1992. He is very hard worker and talented that’s why he got such extra ordinary distinction in the very early ages. He was appointed as Ambassador by the Hungary government for Spain and Switzerland. He was alleged that he has copied material of other writers during his research work. His degree was on stake and called as fake. Due to this reason he resigned from the said post. He is a real talent. Hungry is a small country of Eastern Europe. The base of the country’s development is tourism. There are massage rooms which have the capacity to entertain about 1500 people at a time. If we consider such services in our state, it will not be a good show. At the end writer is sorrowful that if this man would have been in Pakistan, he would have been definitely granted with the exception. He could have easily get the required lawyer like Aitzaz Ahsen. His fate would be different if would have been the President of Pakistan. There was no need to resign because even prime minister could support him to save the resignation.

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