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Javed chaudhry is a very reputed person. He is a professional journalist. He is working as a writer and giving them a lot of information of current situation. Japan is a global powerful country. Few years before this country suffered a natural disastrous. Sonami came in this state he destroyed plenty of things. Fukushima nuclear plant affected heavily due to this sonami. Hydrogen filled in its three parts and due to that radiation problems were on the peak. America reacted in this condition by refusing all of his import and cancelling every flight of this state inhabitant. It was a deadly threat for the economy of this country but you can never analyze a reaction of its vice president. He said I will never take my salary until I stable this disastrous in my leadership. This news created a world wonderful impression in front of globe. It is a second global big economy. Its stock market is a world biggest market. Daily heavy volumes of transactions are activated there. It contains huge amount of natural resources that it can alone feed a third ones world for a fifty years. Complete column related to this is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get a full knowledge of this amazing state.


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