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The article was published on 14th September, 2012 column is about a Persian old story related to a cruel king. The theme of the tale is to tell that this life is temporary and if you are blessed with any designation that is a test for you. The reign is given to you to test your behavior. Time changes and Governments change, so play your role in development of the nation. The natural calamities tell us that future is very uncertain and the distance between life and death is very small. Today we are awake and the next moment we can be dead so utilize every second properly and purposefully. These floods, earthquakes, fire accidents etc. are the warnings to us by Allah. These can happen with the rulers s well and they should realize this fact. Dams should be made and proper arrangements must be made to avoid from uncertainties. The king in the text also faced an experience and that was a wakeup call for him. He realized that he was going in the wrong direction. We should also do our assessment in this way to know the reality. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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