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This article was published on 15th February 2013. The topic under debate is vale. Most of the Pakistani people do not like to celebrate this day and criticize it. Few youngsters do not consider it bad and they are not going to stop it. He quoted few traits of Americans and Europeans. It was expected that in Europe the swift food chains will not work but it did not happen. These chains are necessary to understand before going to the concept of other events. The only difficulty in launching fast foods in Islamic world was the question of “Halal” food. They solved this problem also and grabbed a good market share in Muslim states. Writer suggests in this column that we should accept this event for our generation. It can be celebrated and adjusted in society in a modified way. We should take it as opportunity to provide happiness to the nation. It should be eliminated only if we are going to skip other events like new year night. When jeans trend is prevailing then it will also keep on working. He gave many other examples as like American fast food and Internet in Islamic countries. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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