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This article was published on 12th February 2013.The topic under debate is the Punjab progress. Metro Bus project is also discussed here. According to the writer it is a base for future development of the country. He quoted examples of succeeding foreign states and the reason is their infrastructure and communication. He further added that President Raja Pervez Ashraf traveled from London to Bradford by train and did not feel any disgrace. It was an honor for him to do this journey. The leaders of East Pakistan like Mujibur Rahman gave flame to hate against western hand of the state. They were given the gift of Bangladesh but could not work for the progress of that part. They felt deprived and called the western side as “Punjabi”.  A gap is becoming much apparent among the provinces of Pakistan. The writer further said that Chief Minister is wishing that such big projects should be started in Karachi 1st. Our political leaders should show sincerity with the public and work for their betterment. If they will not do so separations and division will rise. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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