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Javed Chaudhry Urdu Column About Fozia Wahab

The article was published on 15 July, about his favourite personality, who died on 17 June, 2012. She was a good lady and her reaction on different times in the shows is like a queen. The writer is giving an opinion about the TV anchors, political leaders and public. He says that people dislike us as they are against the political figures. Later he discussed the personality traits of a lady whom he call as his sister. She was a very aggressive female and almost every time left studio in high aggression. The environment which she worked, was full of corruption but she remained safe from this curse. She did her last programme with the writer and never returned back. In her last program she was ill and reached studio with support, but during debate her energy rehabilitated and roar came again. She was so loyal with her husband that even after his death she didn’t changed his name and her husband’s name remained attach with her. This is a small example of her loyalty. She will always be remembered in good words. All the details about her life are given below and you can read it.

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