Javed Chaudhry Urdu Column Main Shahbaz Sharif Ki Taarif Karna Chahta Hoon

Urdu Column By Express Daily Newspaper

This article was published on 8th February 2013 on social media of Pakistan and work of Shahbaz Sharif.  Everyone asked the writer to publish the news of 30 thousand murders of Muslims in Burma. Which is spread in Pakistan by media and people were aggressive but nobody thought that this news is right or wrong. they just wanted to burst on those rumors. People show a foolish behavior. They notice only those issues which are spread but they don’t pay attention to serious matters. Thousands of citizens are died every year and no one is willing to pay tribute to them.  He further added that we just want to criticize everyone. We do not focus on positive aspects. Writer describes good feelings for the chief minister of Punjab because he did many useful acts in Punjab. His initiated projects are a gift for the nation. These projects are very fruitful for the country. But we only keep on depreciating the actions. We do not bother to appreciate anyone for the kind act. Those who exaggerated the Burma issue and published material on that, they were badly disgraced. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.



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