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Javed Chaudhry Urdu Column Talaq

The article was published on 01-05-2012. The topic under consideration is the live divorce by an Arabian man. He told few reason on radio call and asked the Sheikh that he want to do this shameful act. It has become a trend and the trend setters are Arabians and we are following them blindly. A special program is on aired and people are given a plat form to divorce their wives. A funny story has been written by the writer to describe the whole scenario. Calls are coming one after the other and there is a big line of such persons of who want to get rid of their better halves. This is not a good approach and media is surely responsible for this unnecessary ease to the mass. Now it’s very easy for them to do it at any time in 24 hours because these channels keep working all the way. Political leaders are also debating in between and songs are also being played and it is being cherished. Now the time has come that this Government should release us by apologizing and saying that they have failed in real sense. All the details about the matter are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

divorce column in urdu

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