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This article was published on 29th March 2013 on Justice Shakirullah Jan. He was judge in High court. He was a noble and respectable person in Judiciary but unfortunately a misunderstanding resulted in his defame. He was known as a dangerous man in the political leaders and his family was also disgraced on this title. People used to ask his belongings that why he is called by this name. He heard the matter of Malik Riaz and gave him the chance to hire a lawyer to prove the innocence. People appreciate him for his good acts. He is very disappointed from it because he spent all of his life without any ill mannered work. He did great job even in the Supreme Court bar association and he was given honorary membership. Many other references as like General Pervez Musharaf, Asif Ali Zardari, Dr.Basit, Maulana Fazal ur rehman, Asma Jahangir and Asif Ali Zardari are attach with this topic. Hasba Bill also discussed here. At the concluding remarks the writer says that Mian Nawaz shareef and other said persons should apologize to such a nice person. The complete details are given in Urdu below and you can read it.

 Column On Malik Riaz Case And Justice Shakiurllah Jan

malik riaz urdu column

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