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This article was published on human nature. Writer described all categories of human temperament in a nice way. He says that every person born with a specific nature and that cannot be changed. People of different kinds are there, as like greedy, selfish, miser, cruel and disappointed etc. When we choose those people for governance then they work according to their instinct. Few famous personalities have been discussed which were leaders of their time. All these rulers run their country system as they were by personality. Some were brave enough to save the country from enemies. Temporary ministers were discussed here which paved the way for their everlasting facilities. How they awarded themselves with unimaginable comforts. It is a fact that 1st we choose the killers for ourselves, then start crying. We should be very careful while appointing the representatives. 17 types of humans have been elaborated here and their characteristics are also apparent. They behave in the given same as the instinct they have. Wise nations select the good persons as leaders and respect them accordingly. We should make a very clear assessment of the future ruler before selecting him. When we select the wrong ones then our survival becomes difficult. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Column On Election 2013 And Politics History


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