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This work was published on 15 March 2013. Javed Chaudhary is a senior column writer. His series of article is published in six volumes. There are some examples of Indian election commission which is the largest and most powerful in the world. Some information about Fakhruddin G Ebrahim is also given. PML (N) and PPPP both parties are not happy with the new nomination papers. These amendments will affect them more. Their  party candidates will be unable to participate in selection process. They have criminal records with them. India made their system very strong that no one can deny that. We are totally opposite to foreign countries. When someone is found to be involved in any wrong activity, he is declared to be ineligible for selection. We appoint our own care taker prime minister to with the voting. In the middle of the story, the writer discussed Fakhrudin Ibrahim G. He was asked to take oath as PCO judge but he refused to do so. He was a man with stunning character. He was blessed with other responsibilities in compensation for that. He was a very nice personality. All the details about the story are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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