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Zero Point Daily Express Urdu Column By JAved Chaudhry

The incident under consideration is Bhoja Airplane crash. It was evening time when lights were about to on. People were standing at their roofs and watching the outside scenery. Plane was 3 km away from landing in to Islamabad. Everyone settled down on their seats. Young boys closed their laptops, elders folded the newspapers, and newly married couple were having hands in hands. Females were just about to check their bags and it was about to land in a low speed. What happened suddenly? Plane came down at 1000 km per mile speed and within 11 seconds everyone was dead. Human bodies were changed in to pieces of meat. Drivers who were waiting outside to pick up the luggage and move on, were stunned that why bosses are not picking up the calls. There was no response from the receiver side. Suddenly one call picked up by a village man who cried and said that the accident has happened. No one is alive. Breaking news started on every channel. 127 lives were no more alive. This is life. The writer further added that we do not know that when our time is going to complete and we are so proud of ourselves. We should remember this fact always. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

urdu column on plane crash

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