Javed Chaudhry Urdu Column General Kayani Se Mulaqat

This article was published on 26th February 2013. The topic is the conference of General Ashfaq Parvez kayani. He talked on terrorism in Pakistan. The latest condition of Quetta and missing person’s issues. He says that military supports the Government in every type of circumstances. He further added his view that military work is only to save country borders. They fight against enemies so government should improve institutions for better working. There are many other references of important personalities. Chief of Army staff has positive views about Fakhrudin brahim. He is optimistic that this time elections will be fair. Soldiers are trained according to the international level course. This training is required to fight against the outsider enemies. The treaty between administration and Sufi Muhammad is also quoted. This agreeement was latterly proved null and void. Americans were not happy from it but they were convinced by Ashfaque Kiyani. An interesting thing is also told here, which is that Fakhru bhai did not recognize army chief in the meeting. This article was based on the opinion of the writer. All the details about writer,s views about the conference are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

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Chief of army staff


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