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The article was published on 29 July, 2012 about a trip to the northern areas. The writer was amused to see the lovely scenes. He said that we changed the way while returning. The roads were in a poor condition, so the distance of only 45 kilometer was being completed in 4 hours. But the side scenes were awesome. They were so catchy and remarkable. Sun rays were coming down with complete glory. He said that the valley of river Kanhar was a lifetime experience. There was top lane covered with ice, the middle with greenery and last with water. Bourns were as if someone has made a line with a pencil and water is following it. The distance between Babusar and Naran is of one hour but it was settled in 2.5 hours. Pakistan has many height oriented hills. Allah has blessed the country with number of beautiful cities. Now the thing to do is that we have to manage these resources so that most of the visitors may come to us. This will increase and retrieve the image of our country. There should be proper guideline for it. Tour guides should be there to facilitate.

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