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This article was published on 31st January. Writer described the story of last Spanish Muslim king Abu Abdullah Muhammad. He lost his state due to his own carelessness and negligence. He was weeping when he left his palace but he has no chance for correction. The time was gone and could do nothing. Our government system is also on the same route because every person which is posted in government institutes is a source of loss to Pakistan. No one is sincere with the state. A moment will come when we will have nothing to lose. Then the regret will only remain there. A big problem with us is that we do not speak at the right moment. We do not act at the right occasion. Korgil operation started by of Pervez Mushrraf was ultimately a failure but no one was there to ask him to not go for it. It could have been cancelled in core commander meeting. The writer further added that he is reading a book these days. The book provides a clear image of the situation. All the details are given below and you can read it.

Spanish Muslim kings history in urdu

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