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This article was published on 26th March 2013 on authority disloyalty and politician,s behaviors. Writer described all the stories of past presidents, ministers and governors like. These all personalities were gone from power as cancer patient from the hospital. He further discussed the personality of caretaker prime ministers. The theme behind the debate is that we should take power as responsibility. Time changes in seconds and we become powerless. No one recognizes you after leaving the designation. Command deceives us because we are rulers not leaders. Same is the case with our politicians and they get no favor when leave the job. In foreign countries, people are appreciated on their work because they devote themselves for it. These persons are example for us as Hugo Chavez, Tayyab Erdogan, Abdullah Gul and Mahathir Muhammad were great leaders that’s why people love  them. We often forget that, a time will come when we will be no more on the position. We make a very poor attempt to deliver. Rulers which worked on  their duties badly, are arrested in seconds. The complete details of the column are given in Urdu below and you can read it.

Urdu Column On Mir Balakh Sher Mazari And Noon League

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