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This article was published on 3rd February, 2013. The topic under consideration is the behavior of German and Japanese nations. Their life style & how their sincerity with their work is also elaborated here. They labor for longer hours. The reason is that they say that it is our obligation to serve the country. In Germany and Japan people are very punctual. They work until all the tasks are finished with great efficiency. They do not consider it as over duty and they do not demand extra charges for their expanded effort. They are successful states of the world because they think in the betterment of their country. While on the other side we Pakistanis always don’t like to fulfill our duties. Our strategy is as like we are facing a burden. People leave the offices in a way that it was about to get fire. Other good nations give most of their time to the offices. They do not say prayer during office timings. We should offer “Namaz” but put more time on job to compensate the prayer gap. Such attitude helps in nation building. Those who do not follow such attitude, they are just ruined. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.



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