Javed Chaudhry’s Urdu Column Hum To Bail Kay Bail He Rahein Gay

Daily express newspaper Urdu column zero point (Hum To Bail Kay Bail He Rahein Gay) by Javed Chaudhry. A column about thinking and policies of Pakistani politician’s leaders. Augusto Pinochet was a great dictator of Chile state. He served them from 1974 to 1990. He created and established a lot of great structure for them as he served his people from zero to hundred percentage. He maintained and accustomed plenty of hospitals, schools, roads and companies etc. After doing everything good, he was caught by his people in 1998. People took him as a culprit but why it is happened? He was truly sincere with them as it cannot be denied that he did a bundle of improvements for the state. After a lot of reservation he died in December 2006. After his death analyst started to study the reasons that what the inhabitant of country wants from the leaders. They have found an interesting answer that leaders are of in two types. First is who worked hard for the improvement of his/her area but always remain his/her personal objective as a constant. Second one are truly worked for them, everything which they say people respectively accepted them and follow. Augusto was in the list of first so he caught by his inhabitant of a country. Now comes toward Pakistan here all the dictators belong to 1st step. Complete column related to this topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get information of it.


hum to bail k bail hee rahain gay

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