Javed Chaudhry’s Urdu Column e.Crimes

Daily Express newspaper Urdu column zero point (e-crimes) by Javed Chaudhry. Now a day crimes are on peak. We listen a bundle of news of it daily and come to know that how they trap people. Qamar Rathu and Irfan Javed are my friend. Some day’s befor Qamar got a call from unknown number. There was a person who spoke politely and nicely that how are you brother? He said I am fine and currently in Bhurban. After listening it caller said finally you recognize me. He expected this voice as an Irfan Javed so he replied yes, why not. He said are you calling from Karachi? He said thanks to Allah you identify me. I am speaking from Lahore and I need your help. I came here for the burial of my friend mother. I have lost my credit. Kindly send me a card of Jazz and Ufone Rs. 1000/-. Finally after a conversation it was known that a wrong call. He wanted to get money from him by using fake call. These crimes are increasing rapidly. By using this process they can easily hack their accounts and can use for wrong purposes. Complete column related to this topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of it.

qamar rathor irfan javed

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