Javed Chaudhry’s Urdu Column Ab Ya Kabhi Nahi

Javed Chaudhry is a very famous and well-known personality. He is a professional journalist. He discussed most important fact of current time in Pakistan. Here is a trend people like to admit their children in the army schools. It is a case, my most of the friend’s kids are studying in the navy, Army, and air forces schools. A reason behind this is that their education level is much better than that of other academy. These institutions are building for the persons of this organization. But there is a limit of some civilian persons they can admit their intelligent kids here. In that time a big issue has created there. Terrorist activities are on the peak. They are targeting educational sector, Masjids and Hospital. Due to that problems their parents are much worried of it, for the security of their sons/daughters. You can see how bad and critical situation it is. There are very bad humans but they tried to avoid to attacks in this area. But in Pakistan situation is showing very alarming. Complete column related to this topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get knowledge of it.

armed forces

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