Javed Chaudhry’s Columns in Urdu

Daily Express newspaper Urdu column zero point (Nafrat ka cycle) by Javed Chaudhry. Doctor Amir is a very kind friend of mine. He is psychologist as a profession and live in London. He is not a just doctor but he is a good educated, intellectual and positive minded good person. I spent five last days of my vacation in London. Where I got a chance to meet with him, I asked him a question. I am naturally cool man. I barely indulge in anger but I have been hyper in last few day even on a minor topic. He listen calmly all of my views and asked, did you start any new task in these days? I said no, simply I am living a normal life as usual. He insisted to remind me, I said yeah! I had made new account of me on face book. I am reading opinions of people daily. He laughed on it and asked, how many persons are on your page? I replied 1, 80,000. I said all of them there are thousands of persons who give comments on it. Complete column related to this interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get know of it.

urdu article abour human phychology

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