Islamic Urdu Article on Relations

Hakeem Mumtaz Hilal Madni is a very noble person. He discussed about a most important topic of our world. For the purpose to continue their economical life there is a need to manage and settle in families. That is a very lovely and beautiful relation of a time. Almighty Allah gives us a proper way to generate their kinship. For doing this work earth is completely covering up with people and spending their beautiful time. There are two kinds of persons there one who obey and other who does not follow Islamic preaches. But all of them are blessed by God and he is completing their entire requirement. Relationship of Man and wife in the world is holly and they are a way to increase their kinship. After that it becomes and changes into strong bonding. It is looking like a friendship of a great time and they all care to each other fully. Anyhow a person can be live without marriage but his/her life would be useless. By involving in this bond we find a reason to live. Complete column related to this topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can important information about it.

relations in islam

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