Islamic Urdu Article on Business in Islam

Article in Urdu, Islamic Article (lain dain ) by Saima Arif. A very beautiful lesson and important point is discussed here. Now a day we are in a tension. Everyone is disturbed due to confusion terms of life. There are a lot of rules and regulation that are applied on our societies. When we approach them, we see it tough and after that unable to get rid of it. Islam is a most peaceful and easy religion. They teach us how to survive on the difficult and ease-full condition. In life we face a bundle of trouble for example; temperature, headache and pain in the body etc. We get tired and wanted to efficient release. We go to the chemist and get some medical precaution for the recovery in routine schedule. Same in the case of loan, our holly preaches are defined when we get some credit, we should have to write it on paper. That is because of, we avoid quarrel and distance in the relationship in case of some disturbance. We should have to follow these Holly preaches to enjoy an healthy and peaceful life. Complete column related to this most interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can know of it.

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