Islamic Urdu Article Iysar o Taawan

Sajid khan is a very kind and popular personality. He wrote many other articles on different topics. He wrote here a beautiful concept of Islam. Islam is a wonderful religion. Muslim believes that their preaches are true and will give them honor not only in this world but also after their death. It gives us a message to help everyone. We should respect and give priority to other. Almighty Allah promises us plenty of rewards as we following his preaches and do not hurt others. A column is about the rights of humans. Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW) is our last prophet. His activity gives us knowledge how to live our life. We come on earth as a purpose to praise and worship of Allah. We need to take care of people as our last Prophet (SAWW) did and show by doing this act. We should provide necessity of life to those who deserves for it. A complete column related to this holly message is given below in Urdu; you can read it here and can get an idea what is your real purpose of born.



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