Islamic Shab e Baraat Wallpaper 2011

You can watch here a wonderful wall paper of Masjid Nabawi with a bundle of bright colors scheme. There is a words of faizan e Shab e Barat, it is an event of Shaban-ul-Muazam. This Mosques is a most lovely and our Holly Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) migrated to this place from Maca. Green color is increasing its charm and it is looking very attractive. It is a most holly place in the world. At the moment of Hajj Muslims offers 40 Namaz to Madina. Lovely flowers are attractive it looks. A light yellowish shade is showing glamorous in the picture. There is a craze in this place. Muslims to go there and never desires to come back at home. They want to spend their whole lives to this location. You can feel here a great calm and peace. A beautiful tower is looking on the picture. This is a most lovely wallpaper for desktop. People can make it as a cover picture on personal computer. You can easily download it here.

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