Islamic Urdu Names with Meanings

Islam is a very respectable religion. Allah blesses, with a lot of blessing to Muslims as world most beautiful names you can only listen in Islam. People are very conscious in the selection of their kids name like,

Boys            Meaning:                             Girls       Meaning:

Hasheem     Crusher of Evil                        Hiba       Gift
Hetal            Power/Powerful                      Hina       Fragrance
Hidayat       Guidance/Instruction            Hiya        Shy
Hifz             Arabic Remember/Safety      Hmiua    Help and Support
Hikmat      Wisdom                                     Hoor        Nymph
Hasaan      Very Good/Better                    Horiya     Like a Hur
Hubb          Love/Wish/Desire                  Huda        Right/Guidance
Humas       Tiger                                          Hurmat    Chastity/Scared
Hurmat     Chastity.Scared                        Husna      Beautiful/A Belle
Hushyar   The Conscious Mind
A full list of pretty titles are given below in Urdu and English with their lovely meanings, and you can read it from here and can choose a most lovely name which suits your children.

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