Islamic Names with Meanings

Islam is a very respectable religion. Allah blesses, with a lot of blessing to Muslims as world most beautiful names you can only listen in Islam. People are very conscious in the selection of their kids name like,

Boys Meaning:                                           Girls Meaning:

Ghadeer         Lake                                Gul Jan    Flower Life
Ghateem       Watery                            Ghafira     To Conceal Sin
Ghasmeer     Generous                         Ghania     Singer
Gunjbuksh   Source Holly Treasures
Gulahmer     Red Flowers
Gunjoor        The Treasures
Gozeel           Brave
Ghabit           To Envy
Ghazil           Ghazal
Ghadir          Pond/Pool/Sword
Ghazee         To Reform
Ghayab        Sight
Ghaidaq       Figure Nobility
Ghazif          Soft Heart
Gul Aftab    Sun
Gulbaz         Playing with Flowers

A full list of pretty titles are given below in Urdu and English with their lovely meanings, and you can read it from here and can choose a most lovely name which suits your children.

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