Islamic Article Ashra e Rehmat (first ashra of Ramdan) in Urdu

Islamic Urdu article Ashra e Rehmat written by Abdul Qadir Sheikh. An article about the first ashra(first ten days) of Ramadan Mubarak in Urdu. Every day of this month Almighty Allah fulfill one prayer and culprit of hell are released. Our Beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) divided it into 3 parts and said first Ashra is Rehmat, second one is Maghfirat and third Ashra is Jahanum ki Aag se Azadi. Prophet (SAWW) specially increased prayers in this month. Sahaba Radi Allahu asked a question that you are a most beloved Nabi of God then why are you doing extreme efforts? He replied that by praying to God, why not I become a Mahboob banda of Allah. No one can deny the blessings of this lovely month. It is said that a person will be most unlucky who find Ramdan in his/her life and cannot get Rehmat. Complete column related to this very important and valuable topic is given below in Urdu with references Ahadees and Qur’an. You can read it here and can know the Importance of this wonderful month.

Ramadan importance in urdu

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