Islamic Article About Travi Prayer in Ramadan and Dua e Travi

Islamic Urdu Article Namaz e Travi by Aneela Parveen. Muslim are very kind and precious people. They do prayers to God and ask for everything task which they wanted to accomplish. They offer prayers whole year and 5 times a day. It is a most important and very meaningful activity which increase person’s potential to act correctly and gain inner satisfaction. There is a month of Ramadan in a year and Almighty Allah especially a lot, special blessing to this time. A month of 30 days Muslim spent by having fast from the dawn to sunset without eating anything for the admiration of God order and obeying his rules & regulation. Here there is a bundle of importance of Namaz e Travi. Our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) offer it after the Fraiz of Aesha Namaz. Huffaz recite the holy verses of Qur’an here and other listen him behind Qur’an in 20 Rakat of Sunnat. You can read this wonderful column here. Complete column is given below in Urdu.


namaz e taravee

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