Islamic Article About Fatah e Makkah in Urdu

Islamic Urdu article Fatah e Makkah written by Aneela Parveen. According to Qur’an When Allah help and Fatah e Makkah has come and all the facts are seeing which are opening. Then when you see people are entering in the Islam after that praise to God and ask to forgive. He is very kind and forgiver. Islamic society victory was shown from the triumph of Fateh Khyber and Wadi al Qura. Humans were reaching to the Islam from the surrounding areas. This miracle has been happened from the migration. Ramadan 10 hijri Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said to Bibi Ayesha Razi Allah for the readiness to the journey. He told to the resident of Madina’s that I am going to Makkah so all of you should be ready urgently. He gave them order to be very careful that until we reached there Quraish should not be known for our existence. Complete column related to this most important and beautiful point is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can get information to this event.


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