Islam aur Parda (VEIL)

In Islam, there is a great emphasis on veil. So many Muslim females who failed to understand the actual meaning of scarf. Veiling is the appropriate covering of whole body except face and forearms. Veiling is one of the right deeds and it is a sign of protection against the any type of sins. Moreover, veil provides dignity, respect and status to the women. Scarf not only protects them from sins but also keep save them from any type of evils. Most of the non-believers of Islam tried their best to mislead us by their thoughts that it is against the freedom of girls. And unfortunately, our females without realizing shame, adopting the western style.  In this article Samina Muneer says that women have not to expose themselves just sake of fashion. This will cause many evil and destroy the society. Our religion says that ladies should fulfill the responsibility of their houses. If she has some important work outside the house, then she should wear scarf. Article in Urdu with the reference of Quran and Sunnah about “importance of veil (parda in Islam).

veil in islam

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