Irani Aloo Mix Kebab Recipe In Urdu

Urdu Recipe Of Iranian Potato Mix Kebab

Iranian kebab is a very delicious dish which is liked all over the world. It is very easy to cook and it is also not so much costly. It is preferred by young as well as old people. It is a trend to prepared variety of tasty foods and dishes at home. This thing gives a satisfaction and brings perfection in the cooking experience. This is also one of the most cherished meal. It is normally eaten in dinners and lunches. Some people correlate it with the weather i.e. with cold weather. The ingredients are very simple and easily understandable.


Potato half kg, boiled chicken 1 cup , two onions, 2 eggs, basin 2, spices 1, pepper 1 spoon and salt as per taste. Ginger, pomegranate bread, coriander and mint 1 spoon. Oil one cup and yogurt 1 cup.


Change the chicken and potatoes in to pieces and add onions in it. Mix rest of the items and prepare a paste of it and then convert in to round shape tiki. Now cook these in Ghee along with eggs paste. Hopefully you will admire the procedure. It is very simple to make this recipe. All the details are given below in Urdu and you can read it.

Irani kabab


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