Interesting News: In White Sand Beach The Harbor was Found

Now a day developments are on the peak. There are plenty of investors who wanted to invest huge amount on different nature of projects. For that purpose they engage certain kind of opportunity and involved themselves there to get profit. You know about the Australia, Singapore and Dubai etc they are they are flourishing due to heavy investment and developing their countries. These countries have plenty of shopping opportunity and people desire to go their to buy things and for recreation. News is about the huge seaport on White sand desert. It is going to be developed in Dawei city of Myanmar. Due to that project it would be healthy for that place. It has been saying due to that development there will be huge profit on that trade. There is an issue of people who are living there. That activity will cause about 23,000 people will be migrated from there. Thailand will be able to get lowest cost of route for trade. Complete news related to that interesting topic is given below in Urdu. You can read it here and can know of it.

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