Interesting News in Urdu Smugglimg of Lizard

Lizards are reptiles which are increasing day by day. It has a lot of species and kinds. According to survey it has more than 6000 kinds. It is very common and you can found them in everywhere except Antarctica. Their shapes and physiques reveal that it is neither a Sphenodonts nor a snake. Monitor Lizard are very unique species on earth and that are big in size. News related to smuggling of it. Bangkok police capture thieves with it numbers of 1800 and said it has a price of more than $60,000. It was sending to China as their people like to eat their meat. It has a delicious taste but it families are so rare that’s why Bangkok government make it illegal to eat and send another place. Complete news related to this smuggling are given below in Urdu, you can read it here and can get a knowledge what happened actually.

Interesting News

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