Interesting News In Urdu Most Expensive Pet Wedding

Marriage is a beautiful word. It is a relationship between man and women. It is feeling of husband and wife. It is satisfaction of becoming responsible persons of society and family. There are a lot of marriages occur in the world. Their traditions and customs are different according to culture. Many culture as per their values of religion and society performs this aspect of life. It is completed two families to become one and work for both of them like caring. There are a lot of wedding happen around the world but you never ever hear this wonderful and interesting news of it. Expensive on this event is common to listen but you didn’t listen of it on the pet to be spending money on their espousal. There is a British woman who spent 20,000 ponds on her pet espousal. On this occasion she wears a beautiful white dress of 1800 pond. This suit has a work of Russian crystal on it. She wears a wonderful diamond neck less. She said she wanted to invite only 30 persons on it but finally I invited 80 people on this event. Full interesting news related to this is given below in Urdu; you can read it here and can a full overview of it.

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