Interesting News For Car Holders In Urdu

Few people are crazy about vehicles selections. They remain in touch in new models. They have a very deep knowledge of automobile industry. Its a great news for them that a Japanese company has introduced a modern and smallest. It works automatically and driver can also control it with the help of a stick. This is appeared in the market in black color. The shape is beautiful and charming. The name given to it is “Robot for personal intelligent transport system. The reason behind this name is that it finds automatically the places with its intelligence. There was a time when one can dream for such an innovation. Now it is available in the foreign markets. Those who like to travel alone will admire this effort. Companies are working on daily basis to provide new and innovative models to the customers and it is the result of that. This looks like an auto from the appearance but it will be a great exposure to sit inside it. Company is committed to make it available in all over the world. Such innovative companies are found at the top of the ranking lists. All the details are given in Urdu below and you can read it.

The Smallest Car Ropits

Information For Car Holders

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