Information Of I Phone Six In Urdu

              Latest And Exclusive News Of Apple I Phone Six In Urdu

Mobile is the craze for the young generation. It has become a basic need for the people in the modern times. If someone may come from few centuries ago, he will be shocked to know the accessing options for human beings with one another. It has made our life so easy and comfortable. The most restless a person feels when he forgets his cell somewhere. The reason is that he feels that he will be unable to survive without it. There is a new model of I Phone six which is about to launch in the market. Before this its five models have already been released in market. It will identify its users through finger prints. This is a latest update in this series. its camera quality will also be good as compared to old models. It will be launched in June or July of this year. The technology lovers are very excited for this model. They are rightly excited because it will equip them with new features. Hopefully you will like it. It is the most advanced form of these series mobiles. All the details are given below in Urdu below and you can read it.

i phon six news in urdu

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