Information About Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) in Urdu

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) was a last prophet of Muslim. He came to the world to teach us. He give us a lesson how to survive in the world. He restrain us from the bad activities. He gave us a lesson to speak truth and never hesitate to say it in front of any one. His was a wonderful role model for us. Muslim love to him and listen all of his preaches. We can be successful if we follow his preaches and make it as a routine work. In this article you will come to know the life of Prophet (SAWW) which are,

  • Physical Appearance
  • Names
  • Last Prophet
  • Blessings of Him
  • Attributes
  • Character
  • Braver
  • Way of Talking
  • Behavior with people
  • Blessing of Salam
  • Living way of Him and Family
  • Educator
  • Room
  • Information related to Shirt
  • Meat which he likes most
  • Open the door of Jannat
  • Acceptance of one Prayer

All the qualities of him are discussed below in Urdu. You can read it here and can know of it.

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) Urdu article


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